Monday, February 7, 2011

Goodbye for a Short While

photo courtesy of me

Hello lovely blogging friends. Some personal things have come up in my life recently and I feel I need a break from blogging so I can give them my full attention and deal with them without any distractions. I'm not sure how long I'll be gone; it could be days, weeks, months (hopefully not), but I'll be back eventually. So until then, I hope your lives are full of happiness and I look forward to catching up with everyone on my return. Adieu for now.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bunting Time!

So yesterday I rediscovered my old friend, Photobooth. While being a dork and playing around with all of the silly settings and such, I came to the realization that my walls (besides the Renoir poster and giant "S") were pretty blank. And ugly. It needed a little something something.

In comes bunting. I've been noticing it on quite a few blogs lately and most recently, Elizabeth at Delightfully Tacky did a "how to" post the other day. As I was walking through the campus bookstore, I came across this pretty paper, right next to a roll of twine. It was a sign. And now I rhyme. Oh hey! So instead of studying for my O-Chem midterm tomorrow, I got crafty and now my walls are covered with pretty bunting. Bare walls no more!

In other news, I took a study break last night and made some French Toast with Kevin and his lovely neighbor. De-LI-cious. Can't wait for this darned midterm to be over so I can do more things like all of the above. Until then, back to the books. Happy Wednesday :)