Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mirah & Girls in Trouble

listen & listen

Working for the university radio station has it's perks. I actually find out about shows in town! Imagine that. Last Thursday I was able to see Portland native, Mirah play a lovely set at the best bar in town. Opening for her was the happy and up-beat Girls in Trouble.
I wasn't able to get any pictures or videos because, lucky for me, I had to stand on the "under 21" deck and all of those of drinking age blocked my view. Blerg. But, it did not matter. I sat there, listened, and enjoyed. My friend and I grabbed some tacos before, so it was like dinner and a show! Take that 21 year olds! Ha, I kid. Only a year and a half to go...
To make up for it here is a live video of Mirah and here is a live video of GIrls in Trouble.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Peaceful Wakeup

The Mountain from Terje Sorgjerd on Vimeo.

This was one of the first things I woke up to this morning. After a crazy long week and Picnic Day weekend, I needed this little bit of perfect.

I've been barely posting again. I think I've spread myself too thin this quarter. Between class, studying, volunteering at the university radio station, clubs, photography class, my new job, trying to find an internship, and jam-packed weekends, I am exhausted. Ugh. Well, now I must drive back home to pick up my tax forms (woops), drive back, do homework, and study for my psychology midterm tomorrow. Oy vey.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Starry Night Sky

photo courtesy of Kamila Pinto Keith


Does anyone else feel like looking up at the starry night sky tonight? If not, I assure this song might make you want to.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Pretty Earrings for Sunny Weather

The weather here lately has been just perfect. Sun out, cool breezes, and lots of smiling people make me a happy lady. I received these lovely feather earrings about two weeks ago from a giveaway on My Lovely Little Suitcase, courtesy of the Etsy shop, The Rusty Schwinn. I wear them EVERYWHERE! They go perfectly with this weather. Long dresses, french braids, droopy tees (like the one I attempted to make in these photos), and just about anything else pair up wonderfully with these beauties.

I find myself not posting til the weekend again. "Tsk tsk!", I've been saying to myself all week. However, I had my sister, Irene, staying with me. She followed me to my classes, helped me gorge out on donuts & boba tea, took me out for wonton noodle soup, and joined me for a walk of the art galleries in my town on Friday night. But, as usual, all good things must end. I love my little sister. Blahhhh, listening to sappy theme music while writing this isn't helping my emotions from going crazy.

Anyways, super excited for this week! I've finally gotten into actually getting involved with the KDVS radio station and am happy to announce that I'll be staying in my college town this summer with a job and my very own radio show! Woot woot! I'll most definitely be posting up the links to my weekly show on here when the time comes. I've also got my first photography class on Wednesday, a job interview (thank the lord! I'm going broke), and Picnic Day shenanigans lined up for the weekend.

Well my friends, until then, back to the books. Enjoy the last few hours of the weekend! I'll try not to go missing for another week. And sorry for the lame title....my creative juices are drained.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Weekend in the City


Sorry for going missing for a week again. I ended up getting really busy and this past weekend, snuck away to my favorite place in the world, San Francisco! My best friend lives there and this was the first time I actually went to go stay with her. I had been planning to go for months, but it never happened. So, this time I made sure not to tell anyone (well I told her obviously) and just go. It felt freeing. About time I started taking adventures!

The view from her window. Magnificent.

I arrived at 7:30 in the evening and picked her up from her belly dancing class in the Mission. From there, we headed to an art gallery a friend of her owns and enjoyed a glass of grape juice (cough cough) while touring the gallery. After a couple of hours hanging out there, we grabbed a slice of "San Francisco" pizza and bussed across town to Haight, to a house party her beau (who also owns an art gallery) was at. This house was amazing. It was five male cousins living together, right in the middle of everything. Art on every free inch of wall, people from every country imagineable living in the city, and a house full of handsome men....Heaven! After an eventful night, we headed back to her hilltop university room.

I woke up way too early the next morning and not wanting to disturb her, walked down to Haight & Ashburry for an apple fritter and a nice cup of drip coffee. I love how no matter what time of day (or night) it is, the streets of San Francisco are always bustling with people. After a couple hours of moseying around (and legs shaking from walking too much), I headed back to her place. We spent the rest of the day eating, napping, and hanging out with her guy. Later, we took a late afternoon walk and came back for warm showers and mac&cheese. That night we hung out with a group of her university friends, four guys on their way to making a career of music videos and movies. We walked around to some parties and ended up back at their place and played card games late into the night.

The next day we woke up and met the guys from the night before at an authentic Irish pub for some brunch. We indulged in some Bangers & Mash and said our goodbyes. My best friend and I decided to end my visit with a trip to Baker's Beach, with the warm sun out, cool waves washing up on our feet, and Golden Gate Bridge smiling down on us. I was sad to leave the city and my friend, but look forward to visiting her again very soon. Hope you all have a wonderful week!