Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mirah & Girls in Trouble

listen & listen

Working for the university radio station has it's perks. I actually find out about shows in town! Imagine that. Last Thursday I was able to see Portland native, Mirah play a lovely set at the best bar in town. Opening for her was the happy and up-beat Girls in Trouble.
I wasn't able to get any pictures or videos because, lucky for me, I had to stand on the "under 21" deck and all of those of drinking age blocked my view. Blerg. But, it did not matter. I sat there, listened, and enjoyed. My friend and I grabbed some tacos before, so it was like dinner and a show! Take that 21 year olds! Ha, I kid. Only a year and a half to go...
To make up for it here is a live video of Mirah and here is a live video of GIrls in Trouble.


  1. ah! i've been in love with Mirah for years! i'm so jealous you got to see her live. amazing stuff. working at a radio station sounds so fun too!

  2. I love live music!!! Sounds like fun!!! :)