Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Almost There



Another month has come and gone. And it was a crazy one. I haven't had much time for the blogging world, but do not worry, I didn't forget. School's out in three weeks and I will be a free bird, bombarding you with posts.

At the moment I'm feeling really unsettled because there is so much in the air for the end of the school year, my summer plans, life in general. It's driving me bonkers! But, no details yet. I'll wait until I know exactly what my plans are. I'm one of those people who hates not knowing what's in the future and not having a plan. Too much stress!

So yeah, besides working like a madwoman, studying, and going crazy over the future, my life is a bit of a bore, another reason why I have not posted. Not much to say. However, if the plans go my way, in a few weeks I will have a very exciting life with much to blog.


  1. I'm with ya, girl. Except I just got out for the summer. But still, I know how you feel!

  2. Oh the freedom will be lovely! You won't know yourself. Hope the rest won't be too stressful and the time left goes by super quickly :)

    Aoife x

  3. i'm sure your hair could hold it! it's super easy and it would look sooo good on you. sooo i know you're living the life because you're too busy to blog, but i miss stalking you and being blog friends. come baaaaaack.