Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Can Never Reach You

photo courtesy of awfultosee


For the past couple days, this feeling of reaching out and not finding anything has been haunting me. I recently went through a break up, which was a really good thing, but I can't help feeling lonely again. I know it happens to everyone. That's why I felt the image of a hand reaching out for something, the unknown, kind of captured this feeling. I always feel like the person I am trying to reach, can't or won't reach back for me. And I am left there, hanging. Maybe it's because the people I feel connected to are far away or unattainable in one way or another. I keep waiting for my "only exception" to come around and grab my hand. So, to whomever you may be, find me soon. Come place "your hand in mine".

photo courtesy of Event7o5


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