Monday, March 28, 2011

Ready for the Spring

So this would be my first ever outfit post. I am in no way a fashion blogger, nor do I have or ever will have enough fashion sense to become one. I don't have the patience, money, or creativity to do all that, but I do enjoy a cute outfit when I see one. I got the shirt, skirt, and tights over break and felt the need to share them with the world.

I felt so awkward taking pictures of myself. Also, since I don't have a camera stand, I had to stand at really weird angles so I knew the camera got the whole outfit. That's my reasoning for looking like I'm about to fall over. Yes. I wore this today because I felt the need to welcome "spring quarter" with a "springy" outfit, hence the skirt. It was a bit nippy still so I had the black jacket which kind of detracted from the whole spring thing, but oh well.

skirt - forever 21 // shirt - target // tights - nordstroms // shoes - urban outfitters // jacket - mama

Still have puffy cheeks a bit but managed to hide them. And since it's a new quarter with "new beginnings" (I picture some cheesy professor saying this), these pictures have made me realize, I need to go to the gym. Not having a facebook and a bajillion pictures of yourself online makes it easy to forget these things.


  1. i love this outfit! especially th skirts and tights.

  2. Cute!
    I'm the same way about outfit photos.. :( lol

  3. How sweet :), am loving that skirt and it looks adorable on you.