Friday, October 21, 2011

A Day in Wine Country


Last weekend my mom, old roommate, Becky, and I headed to the one and only wine country (in the States anyways), Napa. We started off the day by heading to my family's favorite winery. It was a gorgeous day, sun high in the sky and pretty warm out. Not much like fall weather, but I wasn't complaining! We did a little wine tasting and walked around the winery for a bit. As far as wines go, my favorite is rose, or a sweet glass of moscato, but I don't discriminate ;)

Instead of going out to a restaurant for lunch, we decided to stay at the winery. We went to their deli where we found a creamy gruyere cheese, a sharp, dry gouda, a fresh french baguette, sweet grapes, and of course, wine. I could seriously eat this every day! But I'm only fancy on special occasions.

Growing up in a Greek household, wine is kind of an integral part of our culture. I've had friends who think wine is disgusting or admonish me for drinking it since I was a toddler, but I look at it differently. In Greece, if you go over to someone's house for dinner, whether you are 60 or 10, the host offers you wine or beer. When you ask for water, they look at you like you're crazy. So there's my two cents. Drink up me hearties, yo ho!

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  1. I am a wino!! I was raised around it as well and my parents are fanatics about their vino! When I moved, as a going away present, they gave me a case of white and a case of red! We're German, but not very hard-core German, but you'd think we'd like brews more than grapes! :)

    I enjoy a glass of wine everyday - I would absolutely love to go to Napa! You and Becky look so cute! And soak up as much sun as you can before winter sets in! As well as enjoying wine, I would love to eat a meal of wine, fruit, cheese and bread - right there with ya!

    Have you ever had Ouzo? A friend brought it back from Greece for me in a small bottle, but I'm scared to try it...tell me, should I be? Or has it been too long and I should enjoy it?