Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Weekend Away

Last weekend was the best weekend I've had in ages. My sister is all grown up and off to college, so I decided to give her a little 4-day weekend visit. Her school is in one of the prettiest places I've ever seen. Right by the sea, in the redwood forests, it's literally perfect.

I arrived on late Friday evening and we basically spent the night catching up, going to a pretty hopping party, and getting late night donuts. The next morning, we went to a cafe, grabbed some coffee, and headed off to the farmer's market. We bought some delicious grapes, apples, and the best lavender honey in the world. De-LI-cious. We saw quite a few bands playing around the market (my favorite included a banjo player & a lad on the spoons) and met a lovely young lady who sold poetry for "your subject, your price". Pretty neat-o. The poem she wrote for me is freaking amazing.

After hanging out at the market for a few hours, we took the goods we bought (along with some fresh bread and chai tea), and headed off for a hike. We came across a little hidden cove in the trees, nicknamed "Narnia" and enjoyed a little picnic. After the hike, we were wiped out so we relaxed, went out for a late birthday dinner, and came back to a night of movie watching.

Sunday we woke up and headed to our favorite little cafe for breakfast and then did some mosey-ing around the shops in town. We brought her guitar along and then headed to the park. Of course, being the amazing place this town is, people came around and sat down to either listen or join us playing. We ended my trip with a visit to an old friend from high school, complete with wine and more music playing. I am seriously contemplating moving there. Life there is so crazy relaxing.

Argh, I miss my sister. Just a few more weeks 'til I head back :)


  1. you both look so cute!!!
    beautiful photos! :)

  2. sister time is THE BEST!!! and what a fun long weekend you two had-- speaking of sisters, i had to send that poem to mine (my twin sis who loves the sea). I would LOVE to see/meet this poem lady. how very awesome.


  3. I'm the twinkie Micaela sent your blog link to and I absolutely LOVE that poem! I feel most happiest when I'm on the coast of somewhere beautiful!

    What a fun filled weekend you and your sister had! I visited "Narnia" this weekend too - I saw "Narnia: The Musical" at a local theatre in town. I want to come visit your sister - her college town seems so cozy :)

  4. Oh looks like an amazing weekend :) I love that poem thing, so cool x

  5. This sounds like such a nice weekend. I love that people joined in when you two were playing guitar in the park.