Thursday, December 16, 2010

Black & White Keys

photo courtesy of charlie-aux-fraises


For storage purposes, I was forced to leave my acoustic guitar at school for Christmas break. My last couple of weeks there, I played that thing every day, so I've been feeling a little sad without my baby.
As I walked through the house the other day, I remembered that big black box piled high with papers was a thing known as a piano, and I could once play it. So I dusted it off and began banging away at the keys. It's amazing how it all came back so quickly!
"Boston" by Augustana has been my song of choice, since it's one of the only ones I can remember or sing to. Pretty sure my family is already annoyed, but hey, what's a daughter/sister for?


  1. A really pretty blog :-) If you are interested in writing, please feel free to check mine out :-)


  2. Sasha, You Were Correct! That Scene You Sent Me From 500 Days of Summa Was Splendid! Thanks For Sharing It With Me! And I'm Loving The Song You Posted! A Day Of Awesomeness This Has Been!

    Raised By Wolves