Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Welcome in December

photo courtesy of DreamerSeven


December is finally here! And with it the loveliness of winter and a month of holiday joy. I'm actually not very fond of the winter. Besides hot cocoa, snowboarding, and Christmas festivities, I quite detest it. I'm more of a fall/summer person. However, for the next month, I will be quite cheery. Come January 2nd, the winter blues will set in.
Until then, I am going to enjoy every minute of this festive month. Holiday shopping, carol singing, ice skating, chestnut roasting, hot cocoa/peppermint mocha drinking, book reading, classic movie watching, family snuggling, tree/house decorating, and hopefully some craft time are what I have in store.
So I actually have finals next week, meaning that until they are over, I may go into hiding. But Thursday, December 9th at 12:30 pm, I am a free woman! I'll be going back home and the holiday festivities can begin. Here's to a lovely month!

P.S. Found the song in this lovely video from Naomi.


  1. Mmmm peppermint mochas! We're feeling monster jealousy right now.. our exams aren't over until the 21st!!

  2. I'm With You On The Whole Winter Deal. I've Got San Diego Sunshine Coursing Through My Veins, And The Blustery Cold Doesn't Sit To Well With That... But Winter Does Have Its Moments... Enjoy Your Month Of Holly And Merry Cheer!

    Peace, Love & Puppies,
    Raised By Wolves