Monday, November 29, 2010

My Kind of Superhero

photo courtesy of destroya;


Absolute love.

Lately (meaning the past couple of years), my taste in music has been quite mellow compared to what it was "back in the day". However, once in a while, this mellow music makes me go batty and revert back to my old, loud ways. All throughout middle school and the majority of high school, my favorite genre was what my mother likes to call "those annoying whiny boy bands". I believe it is categorized as pop punk. My all time favorite band for the longest time was Simple Plan. Yes, really. So although my taste in music has matured since then, its nice to listen to all that upbeat loud racket sometimes, and I still love it.

That being said, My Chemical Romance just released a new album and I came across their video for "Na Na Na". Besides the awesome song and gorgeous boys, I absolutely love the filming. It's made to look like a really fun comic book style action hero story. The song has been playing nonstop on my iPod and I loved that colorful still of Gerard Way from the video, so thought I'd share.

Don't worry, no more whiny boy band posts. I just had to get it out of my system. But he makes a pretty cute superhero, eh?

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  1. Love those photos! Looking for a fellow blog friend? I'm always looking to meet new artsy/blogger people!
    -Allison Kaye