Saturday, November 6, 2010

Driving Through the Night

photo courtesy of pinkparis1233


In the past few weeks I've taken to late night drives. It usually so happens that once the weekend rolls around, all of the stress and emotion from the long week reaches the point of bursting. So, I hop in my car and drive. Lucky for me, the town I go to school in is surrounded by a whole lot of farmland. It's amazing how once I drive past the stop sign that sets the boundary to the cowtown, not a single car is on the country road. An old winding road, no lights, stars bright as ever above my head; just me, my thoughts, and my music.

Scary? Yes. Relaxing? Yes.


  1. Holy chicken... you read my mind, lady. I've been wanting to go for a car ride and explore for over two weeks now. take me with you :(

  2. those pictures are so pretty! i especially love the one of the bird! and night drives are scary to me atleast! haha.
    p.s. thanks for following
    p.p.s. i'm having a crafting challenge over on my blog! I'd love it if you'd participate! Its going to be so fun! :)
    here are the details for ya!