Monday, November 22, 2010

A Real Life Love Story

video courtesy of rockstar diaries

I've been wanting to post this video for a while and finally found some cause in hopes of helping out someone I care about.
Sometimes it's very easy to give up on love. Either your heart gets broken or you simply can't find it. What's the point of wasting all of that emotional energy for no results? I know I have given up plenty of times and I think it's safe to say most people have at one point in their life. Love just seems like this fairytale story you see in the movies.
And then, people like this remind me that there's love in real life. This is Josh and Naomi. They met on a street corner in New York when he was at Columbia and she was at Julliard. They fell in love, got married, and are now living on Capitol Hill with pet bulldog and a baby on the way.
Seeing the two of them always gives me a little more belief in that thing called love. So, whether it's your parents, grandparents, sister, brother, or friend who have found some love, look at them and remember: love does exist. So don't lose hope! It may take time, but it will come around eventually. And know that although it may not be romantic, someone always loves you.

P.S. I LOVE Naomi's red lipstick. It's called Ruby Woo from Mac. I went and bought it. Mmmm!


  1. this was such a beautiful flim. They really are a wonderful inspiration for love.