Friday, November 19, 2010

Fabulous Finds Friday

The surprise is out! As of today, I am starting a new segment called "Fabulous Finds Friday". We all know the economy is sucking pretty bad right now, and personally, I can't buy anything that hasn't been marked down in one way or another. So, in comes Fabulous Finds Friday! Every Friday I'll post great deals I have found on lovely things and share them with you!

First off, Sweet & Simple. One of my favorite etsy shops!

Now through December, she is offering free shipping on all of her products! Seriously, shipping can make or break a deal for me. I loved this deal so much I even bought this Emerald Green Vintage Crystal necklace from her yesterday. Can't wait for that one to come in!

Also, right now Urban Outfitters has this gorgeous Vanity Mirror on sale!

So pretty! Reminds me of something out of a French villa.

And, last but not least, a freebie! BOSS Fragrances is giving out free samples of BOSS Orange Sunset. (Or if you prefer men's cologne, this link is for you.) I already placed my free order. Your turn!

Hope you enjoyed those Fabulous Finds and may you have a lovely Friday! I will leave you with a great tune.

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