Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Lost in a Book

photo courtesy of pinkparis1233


How I do love reading. It seems like I never have time for it anymore! I pick up a book and then feel guilty that I'm not studying, cave in, and end up never reading. But! I will change this. My sister has been doing a lot of reading lately and it's been a good way of relaxing and winding down.
The thing I love about books is that if the book is well written, you get so wrapped up in it, all worldly matters blow away into the wind. My favorite kind of book is one that brings you into an entirely different world and lets you get lost in it. A good book is one that I think about all day and can't wait to get back home to delve into its pages again.
How I miss this! The last time I read a book like this was over the summer. Thank goodness for the upcoming holidays! Thanksgiving and Christmas break, you can expect my nose to be buried in a book.

P.S. I absolutely LOVE these clothbound classics!

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