Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Light Me Up

photo courtesy of n0thing-t0-l0se


I'm kind of obsessed with lighting. It's the key element of setting the mood to a room. So, being that I have my own studio apartment now, I'm kind of going crazy with all of the choices I have with lighting! I have candles EVERYWHERE in here. Tapers, votives, tea lights, you name it. I have a string of christmas lights around my door and a pretty lamp on my desk. But, it wasn't enough. I've been missing something. The lighting this old bed and breakfast room came with was just not doing it.
So, after my Trader Joe's run yesterday, I made a pit stop at World Market. They had SO many lights! I was in heaven but my indecisiveness posed a problem. And then I fell in love. I came across these beauties.

Gorgeous! Reminds me of something I would see in an Anthropologie catalog. I bought one strand and hung them above my desk around the window. I'm kind of debating whether or not to go and buy another one. They only had one more left!
Well, I'm off to the cafe to start my biology essay on catalysis. Yay.
P.S. I have a surprise for you tomorrow ;)

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