Monday, November 8, 2010

Dream It Into Existence

photo courtesy of simondfilip


Sometimes the only way to get the things you want, but can't have, is to dream about them. When you miss someone who is in a far away place, dream about them in hopes that they're dreaming about you in return. Maybe bringing them into your thoughts will bring you to theirs. And just feel good knowing that you will see them again someday, wherever that may be.

Note about the photo/music: Once again, I am using the ever-so-talented photographer simondfilip. His subject in this is Becky Filip (yes, his sister), lead singer of The Honey Trees, who sings alongside her beau Jacob Wick. Simon also directed their music video I posted. I just recently put all of this together. Anyways, it turns out they're all from my hometown. I love love LOVE their music. And Simon's work. Oh, and Becky is an artist as well. Talented people!

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