Monday, January 17, 2011

Into the Woods

photo courtesy of slykendring


I absolutely love three day weekends. Taking advantage of our lovely day off, the family and I headed to Muir Woods. This amazing redwood forest lies across the bay, north of San Francisco and was declared a national monument by President Teddy Roosevelt himself. I've gone to Muir Woods since I was a few months old, thanks to my once-upon-a-time adventurous parents. It's been a while since I've been there and I almost forgot how majestic the place is. I'll be returning soon, no doubt!
Hope you all had a lovely three day weekend!

P.S. Finally added some blog buttons. They're kind of an awkward size, but I'm working on it. I kind of fail at html.


  1. Three day weekends are truly the BEST!! Got in some much needed rest and relaxation :-)

    Happy Tuesday Darling! xo

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  2. Wow. I love woods :) There's that peace feeling and no noise...